Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dust Storm Designs

In addition to being 110-115 degrees this past week - the Phoenix/Scottsdale area has been graced with not one, but two of these lovely dust storms!  For those of you that have never experienced this weather phenomena - consider yourself lucky.  They usually occur late in the day (rush hour is a favorite time) and kick up winds and DUST like you cannot imagine.

My faithful design assistants - Asher & Olivia
Of course, both my little King Charles Spaniels consider this the absolute best time to ring the bell indicating they need to go outside - ugh!  They get so excited by the wind blowing everything around the yard (makes for a great game of “chase”) and don’t even seem to mind all the dust in their faces.  These dust storms or “Haboobs” usually occur right after I have had the patio furniture dusted and vacuumed.  I guess it is the law of probability - like when you finally have your car washed and it rains the same day!
The best plan of action when a storm approaches is stay inside and pray that the storm does not knock out your electricity and AC!  It is also a good time to work on new jewelry designs.

Sconset Market - filled with little gourmet goodies.

Hydrangeas grow in profusion on Nantucket

Sadly, this magnificent sculpture will be washed out to sea at high tide
Can you tell I have been dreaming of past summers spent on Nantucket?  Walking down to the Sconset Market early in the morning to pick up the newspaper and a pastry for breakfast - running into town to pick up some fresh flowers for guests arriving on the next ferry and strolling along Jetties’ Beach while enjoying some of the amazing sand sculptures.

Judy Dinnick's Sailor's Valentines are some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen.

Seychelles Sailor's Valentine Necklace consists of stick and baroque pearls and champagne citrine.  There is a glass crystal, but it is easier to photograph without!

It was during our 10 year sojourns to Nantucket that I discovered Sailor’s Valentines and I have been smitten ever since.  These little shell mosaic designs encased in old pocket watches allows me to  indulge two of my favorite things - shells and gemstones.

Sucrée Necklace - rough tourmaline nuggets and pink topaz

My last trip to the Tucson Gem Show resulted in finding some beautiful nuggets which I have been saving for a summer design.  Unique pink and green rough and organic tourmaline nuggets - several with crystals embedded in the nugget - are paired with delicate pink topaz rondelles to create a delicious necklace that looks good enough to eat!


Shel said...

Gotta love the "haboobs"! Your little pups are gorgeous and I'm sure they make great helpers! The pearls and shells and gemstone necklaces are to DIE for!! I'm still drooling. Thanks for sharing such lovely designs!