Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky Birthday Sale

Peggy Porschen

I’m not quite there yet. . . but in a few days, I will be celebrating one of those Spooky Birthdays!  It’s very apropos that this Spooky Birthday falls just before Halloween.

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen

Peggy porschen

Source Unknown

Sadly, my sweet hubby had a business trip scheduled, so I will be celebrating alone this year - no fancy cake like these delectable confections by Peggy Porschen Designs!

Olivia (L) and Asher (R) - My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Design Assistants 

However, wonderful hubby that he is -  he did take care of this birthday business before leaving.  He asked me to come into the Family room with our little “fur babies”, Asher & Olivia and sit on the sofa (seriously, I thought I was about to get a lecture that I had spent too much money at the gem show this week-end!).  Then the usual - “close your eyes and hold out your hands”.

Tiffany & Company - The Famous Blue Box!

When I opened my eyes, there was a wonderful surprise!  Let’s just say it involved that much coveted Tiffany blue box! 
In  honor of my Spooky Birthday (and NO. . . I am not telling you which spooky one it is!) - I decided I should share the birthday festivities!  Go to my web site here and see what special little birthday favor is yours!

Now, back to that cake. . .I think I had better celebrate with a tiny cake pop!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What An Ego - My Own Design Project Inspires the Maggie Bracelet!

Bliss Design

I’ve spent the last eighteen months in an on again/off again interior design mode.  When I finally convinced my hubby it was really time to renovate the kitchen/family room - I agreed to play by his rules!  We would do the project in phases in order to keep a positive cash flow.  We are almost there. . .in the final stretch - but not quite ready for prime time!

Bliss Design

Bliss Design

From the beginning, I had to establish a color scheme that would be something we both liked, but also a projected guess of what might be in the upcoming color forecast.  Thankfully, my forte and strength was always my fearless use of color and I am thrilled that my choice of aqua and charcoal/grey was spot on!  I find that combination of colors very restful and comforting - particularly when infused with a generous dose of white and natural sunlight!

Well after the fact, I have found other beautiful rooms and vignettes that confirmed what an elegant combination charcoal/grey and aqua can be.

Maggie Bracelet - Notice the "blue flash" of the grey Labradorite

Strangely enough, my own design project became the inspiration for my newest jewelry design - the Maggie Bracelet.  It’s funny that we all seem to associate a name with a particular person and such is the case with the Maggie Bracelet. The Maggie I know is a very attractive gal that is tastefully modern and impeccably stylish. She would, of course, inherently know that this beautiful blue flash Labradorite bracelet would be a great addition to her wardrobe of currently fashionable gray, black and neutrals. Maggie would love the beautiful Peruvian Blue Opal Briolettes - not only for their dash of color, but for their asymmetrical texture and design.

After seeing the outcome of this lovely bracelet - I am sooo ready to see the final reveal of my own interior design handiwork! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lavender Love - The Iliana Necklace

Lavender & Honey Ice Cream

via Flickr
When two things happen simultaneously, you know it has some hidden meaning. Several weeks ago, I was reading about lavender ice cream and thought it sounded very interesting. Lavender happens to be one of my favorite fragrances, so it made sense to me that I should at least give it a try even though I am not much of an ice cream connoisseur.

Southern Accents

House Beautiful - Coleman/Green
As an interior designer, I do find lavender rooms to be very restful and based on the popularity of that color used in bedrooms - it must have some universal appeal.

Veranda - Kay O'Toole

Robin Karp

On the other hand, it fairly rare to see public rooms (living rooms, dining rooms, etc.) with more than a mere whisper of lavender.  
Just after the lavender ice cream idea, I came across a totally new stone (for me) that was called (of all things) - lavender opal. It seems to be available in fairly limited amounts, but its slight opalescent beauty and soft coloring made me even more determined to seek it out. I ordered a very small quantity of stones and was instantly smitten!

The Iliana Necklace - A Truly HUGE Baroque Pearl !

A "Frill" of Lavender Opal, Chalcedony, Moonstone, Pink Amethyst & Tanzanite Create A Stunning Detail.  Notice The Minuscule Hand-Linked Seed Pearls in the Chain.

A Little Surprise Garnish is Placed Asymmetrically on the Seed Pearl Chain
The Iliana Necklace pays homage to that lavender ice cream confection with a generous dollop of a creamy and luxe baroque pearl topped with a medley of lavender opal faceted briolettes, rondelles and adorable little hear shaped briolettes; lavender chalcedony onion briolettes; pink amethyst rondelles; minuscule tanzanite rondelles; sweet little faceted moonstone briolettes; pear shaped moonstones and deliciously delicate little center-drilled keshi pearls. Just like a scrumptious dessert served in your favorite restaurant, the necklace is garnished with sprigs of lavender opal, dainty keshi pearl and light amethyst rondelle on the side. The 30” chain is hand-linked with the most minuscule seed pearls ever - so delicate!
Guess it’s time for me to take a trip to Whole Foods and try out the ice cream now that the necklace is completed! Um, Yummy!