Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Sweet Valentine Winner!


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The Winner of the Valentine’s Day

Bien-Aimé Earrings




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Monday, February 8, 2010

Proud As a Peacock – Blue For Spring 2010

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via House of Turquoise

via House of Turquoise

Several months ago after reading some fashion and color reports, I realized that blue (in any shade) would be the color du jour for Spring 2010. As a result, blue gemstones were given a higher priority on my forays in the gem shows. One particular shade of blue became much more interesting for me – peacock blue.

                                    via House of Turquoise

I have been enamored with this color- in any shade or tint - since I was a child. When I was around 10-11 years old, I was completely besotted with a bottle of Peacock Blue ink that I carefully (or so I thought) used to refill an ink pen while I practiced writing in swirly-girly script. For unknown reasons, one day I decided to refill the pen on top of my mother’s pristine white bedspread. Much to my horror, several drops of the beautiful peacock blue ink landed right at the foot of the bed!

I was in tears by the time I reached our housekeeper to admit my horrible mistake. Thank goodness she took mercy on me and adeptly stripped the crisp white bedspread off the bed. After a few hours in the Louisiana sun with lemon juice followed by a soaking in bleach, she was able to take care of my transgression. Years later (when I was a young mother myself), I mentioned this story to my mother and much to my surprise – she was completely (thankfully) unaware that this little episode had ever happened.

                                      Dione Earrings
There are very few gemstones that fall into the peacock blue category but one of my favorites is London Blue Topaz. Because of the expense of this particular stone, I tend to use it sparingly. Last week, I attended the Tucson Gem Show and discovered yet another stone that falls into the peacock blue family – Royal Blue Kyanite.

                             Peacock Flower

                                                   Peacock Flower Necklace

I decided that it would make a very nice addition to my Flora Collection but quickly realized that there are no flowers that are peacock blue (with the exception of those awful dyed flowers that florists insist on trotting out every season). An hour or so of research resulted in some rather interesting results. Apparently, there is an actual flower called the Peacock Flower that is grown in India which looks very similar to a flowering bush that we have near the little putting green on the side of our house. With poetic license, I think you can see the similarities in the architecture of the Peacock Flower and that of the Flora Collection necklace design. Thank goodness the Flora Collection is not a literal translation from flowers to jewelry!

For those of you that are still following the progress of my kitchen renovation – I must admit I am a little behind in posting. However, I want to keep the progress in order and will get this updated shortly. The images above/below were taken in early December and illustrate the steps in adding the ornamentation to the island.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with J.P. Weaver products used as ornamentation – these are the steps we used.

• A wood graining tool was used to add texture to the flat panels before the ornamentation was secured.

• Since the ornamentation product has some flexibility, it is necessary to place it using not only measurements, but your eye. Screws were used to hold the ornaments in place because of the weight and the fact they are positioned vertically.

• Once the ornaments were in position, Tim used a quick-setting glue that was appropriate for the ornamentation. Carvings were left to cure for about 12-18 hours.

• Tim has begun the faux painting process by using a very bright turquoise over the wood grained effect. All of these textures/colors will become more subdued, but still visible when the light sanding and antiquing glaze are in place.

Bien-Aimé Earrings - Valentine's Give-Away

Last but not least – don’t forget – the drawing for the “Bien-Aimé” Valentine’s earrings is Wednesday! Leave a little comment on the January 23rd posting to be entered for the earrings give-away. I will announce the winner on Wednesday evening. Good luck and thank you all for your sweet comments.