Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Put A Ring On It!

I came into jewelry designing rather late in the game after a very fulfilling career as an interior designer on Boston’s posh Newbury Street.  I love creating new designs with gorgeous colored stones and the transition to jewelry design has been (for the most part) a natural fit.  However, I have drawn the line (so far) at working with metals.  I am pretty much convinced that my use of a torch would result in either a mass of singed hair or homelessness due to an unfortunate incident involving a flame!!!

Diamond Baratta

Ophelia Ring
As a result of my “Fear of Flame”, I have never featured rings on my website.  Luckily, at my most recent gem show, I did locate a vendor that had some lovely cocktail rings and even had a chance to meet the designer.  I fell in love with the style and details of the designs and purchased a few to try them out.  Knuckle-grazing cocktail rings are on everyone’s mind - especially for holiday soirees. 

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Laurel Ring

I love rings and have collected many cocktail rings over the years that were antique/estate pieces.  Unfortunately, the style of these rings fell out of favor and I decided if I was not going to wear them, they should be placed in the safe deposit box for safekeeping.

Porterhouse Designs

Iliana Ring

I’m curious.....Are you on board with the chunky cocktail rings that are  so popular again for 2011?  

I learned a long time ago - if you hang onto something long enough - it will be resuscitated!  Now...where is that safe deposit key anyway? 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is It Pink? Is It Salmon? No, It’s Honeysuckle!

My hubby and I have a long running tête-à-tête (25+ years) about anything in his closet which even remotely resembles what I consider the pink family. He refers to these shirts, ties, etc. as “salmon” (as in salmon pink - even when they are not).  The fact that he will actually wear these “salmon” (a.k.a. - pink) polo shirts and ties is a 180 degree change from our conversations early in our marriage.  I guess I finally wore him down, but now he thinks it was all his idea!

The color gods (Panatone) have deemed this fall’s color darling as “Honeysuckle”.  I am personally one happy gal - since it is one of my favorite colors.  Although I grew up with wild bushes of honeysuckle that were a pale yellow - I don’t even question where these color gods are from.  I’m just happy this is the color du jour!

Some time ago, I fell in love with these Missoni-striped rhodochrosite slices.  They have been sitting in my stash of gemstones just waiting to be made into something gorgeous.  No time like the present - they encompass four of the Panatone color forecast colors for Fall 2011 with their raw Herkimer diamond, andalucite, rhodochrosite and champagne citrine frills.  Gorgeous with chocolate brown suede and camel cashmere - these are perfect for autumn!