Friday, May 18, 2012

Shades of Gray - My Newest Captivation

via this Ivy House

Gottmanshofen Maria Heimsuchung Grisaille

Grisaille Painting Capitol Cupola Fine Art Print Christiane Schulze

via Fleaing France

I realize there are legions of women that have recently become captivated by the book - 50 Shades of Gray.  If you thought you would be reading some comments and thoughts about the book - I hate to disappoint.  No Missy, this is about another type of seduction - my growing interest into the world of gray or grisaille.

Christies - Late Louis XV Commode

French Empire Lamps en Grisaille with Scenes From Robinson Crusoe

Grisaille Beadwork - Trinity Antiques on Ruby Lane


Source Unknown

My little odyssey began about 8 years ago, when we were house-hunting in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.  We came across a house that had a gorgeous lead-gray living room that I immediately fell in love with.  The memory of that stunning Living Room has stuck in my mind and greatly influenced my more recent renovation of my Kitchen/Family Room.

Antique French Enamel Lockets, Pendants & Watch - Sources Unknown

I recently came across some photos of gorgeous French enamel grisaille lockets and pendants which, of course, were already sold.  I was able to snag one that has yet to be made up, but the scarcity of this enamel technique got me thinking.  I have a growing collection of mourning lockets with glass on both sides that could make beautiful frames for hand-painted grisaille motifs.  The Elyse Locket is my first attempt at integrating the grisaille techinque into one of these mourning lockets.

Elyse Necklace - Emeralds, Green Onyx, Pyrite & Freshwater Pearls.
Recently Commissioned Grisaille Watercolor Putti in Edwardian Silver Paste Locket.

Back View of Elyse Necklace Features a Byzantine Gold Vermeil Cross
Floating in a Sea of 1.5cts. of Minuscule Emeralds

The necklace is composed of gorgeous emeralds and green onyx beads interspersed with gray pearls flanking bezel set pyrite accents stationed along the chain.  A precious hand-painted grisaille watercolor of a mischievous little Putti was recently commissioned to marry the charming folklore of it’s antique counterparts with a beautiful Edwardian double glazed silver paste locket.  This stunning locket, replete with a charming bow top, is a perfect frame to showcase the miniature art - which is a study in shades of gray.  However, there is a very unique surprise on the other side - a diminutive Byzantine cross in 24k gold vermeil, floating in a sea of minuscule emeralds. An emerald briolette capped with a profusion of textural gold vermeil rings, hangs delicately from the toggle clasp to make your exit just as dramatic as your entrance.


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