Friday, December 6, 2013

Stunning Party Earrings - Lend Me Your Ear!

We all know someone that has this horrible affliction.  Some are our nearest and dearest friends, while other beloved sufferers may even share our DNA.  What in the world am I talking about . . . droopy ear lobes!  

As a jewelry designer, I have had soooo many conversations with my customers about the perils of our youthful indiscretions - wearing fashionable, but heavy earrings.  Yes, we Baby Boomers have fessed up to a lifetime of large and heavy loops during the 70’s and enormous earrings that rivaled the size of our shoulder pads during the 80’s.  Clearly, this has taken a toll on our once dainty ear lobes.

It was reported by the British Medical Journal that yes indeed, Missy - those ear lobes do grow as we age.  We also loose collagen and they begin to flatten, thus appearing like a deflated party balloon.  Droopy ear lobes are one of the dead giveaways when you meet an old friend that looks just a little too “rested”.

There are remedies for this sad and droopy situation such as ear lobe reduction (Yikes!), radio frequency to tighten up the delicate skin, a few drops of facial filler and even something called Blingdots (placed behind the ear lobe).  For those of us that prefer to ignore our deflating youth - there is yet another option - post style earrings.

I am asked almost daily if some of my earring designs can be converted to a post style for “women of a certain age”.  The right post style earring can help to hide the elongation of the piercings and the drooping of the lobe behind a pretty decorative post.  With enough sparkle and shine dangling below the post - (as my dear Mother used to say) “No one will notice on a galloping horse”. 

For all of you Boomer Babes, with holiday soirees on your calendar in the next few weeks - here are some gorgeous post-style earring solutions. 

Sylvia Earrings - Pink & Yellow Sapphires w/ White Topaz

Eileen Earrings - Green Onyx & White Topaz

Scarlett Earrings - Burmese Rubies & White Topaz

Storm Earrings - "Blue Flash" Labradorite & White Topaz