Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doozy Of A Druzy

Those enchanting and unique mineral specimen beads known as “druzys” -  sprinkled with glistening colored confectionary sugar-like crystals are still hot on the radar of every fashionista.  If you don’t already have some of these mesmerizing stones in your jewelry armoire - they are a must have for fall and winter.  Their precious nature is upended by their raw and wild geologic cuts and they are perfect for elegant yet casual cashmere sweaters and suede skirts.

I was awestruck when I found a resource that had a vast selection of fossilized druzy shells from a private collection - all found in the dusty and dry sea bed that we now call the Sahara Desert.

Minerals deposited in the remnants of shells have naturally created these one-of-a-kind geologic wonders - which continue to be a curiosity - even today.

Marching along the fashion route with the ever popularity druzy stones are geodes - one of nature’s true curiosities.  Geodes tell an spell-binding story.  They begin their life as little round geologic formations - just as any ordinary rock.  However, those clever geologists discovered that some of these seemingly ordinary rocks held a very dramatic story.

I don’t know how it happened - by accident or design - but when these seemingly ordinary rocks are gently hand-cleaved - they break apart revealing a dazzling display of crystals safely ensconced within a dimpled nest.  The smallest of these orbs have become beautiful sets in a variety of colors, which I use for earrings.

I hope you are just as enchanted by these little curiosities of nature as I have been.


Danielle Ritch said...

Every piece is stunning, druzy is a fascinating stone.