Friday, January 13, 2012

January’s Elegant Birthstone - Garnet

Desiree Bracelet

Garnets come in a variety of colors including the beautiful pink/merlot rhodolite garnet.  Rhodolite garnet has a blue/pink undertone and a gorgeous sparkle and translucency that is very different from regular garnet with its brownish red undertones.  This Desiree Bracelet was just completed and photographed today and is a thoughtful gift idea for someone with a January birthday or perhaps saving it for someone special for Valentine’s Day! 

The generous step cut nuggets bring out the beautiful rich merlot color - especially in the daylight. The translucent characteristic of the rhodolite garnets  are married to creamy white freshwater briolette pearls to form a bracelet infused with elegance.  24k gold vermeil (gold plated silver) accent beads add to the richness of the design.  This bracelet extends from 7.5” to 9” long and culminates with a unique button pearl detail that gives the bracelet a slight Moorish influence.
Kelley Proxmire via Coco+Kelley

via How Joyful

via Cote de Texas

With today’s interior design trends influencing this bracelet of red & white, you can easily see that the balance of colors leans toward more white with just an touch of red providing a very dramatic accent.  Red in interior design is a concept that is very much based on emotion - love it or hate it!  Personally, I love the warmth and drama of a red infused room, but have found that it has more longevity when used merely as an accent.

Although in interior design, red as an accent color is more comfortable for most - nothing can compare to the arresting beauty of a woman dressed in red!


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