Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Fantasy of Winter White & Saltwater Pearls

Emily Necklace

When I came across these very generous Japanese saltwater keshi pearls at the last Tucson Gem Show,  I simply fell in love.  The creamy white/ivory pearls with their thick nacre and lustrous silky finish deliver such a luxe experience - it will spoil you for any other lesser pearls forever!  I added an offset oval antique-style reticulated diamond-encrusted bead in rhodium silver, and accented with just a touch of 24k gold vermeil to allow this necklace to easily be worn by lovers of either yellow gold, silver, white gold or platinum. This lady-like design is meant to be worn nestled in the nape of the neck.  Wouldn’t this be a most special necklace for a groom to bestow on his bride on their wedding day?

Sherri Conley Photography
Speaking of winter brides - wouldn’t this be the most romantic backdrop for a winter wedding photo?

via This Photographer's Life
The lattice infused winter white room with it’s sparkling crystal chandelier, was the inspiration for the Emily Necklace.

Source Unknown
This all white bathroom also caught my eye before the construction of the Emily Necklace.  It contains all the elements that I have used in other parts of my house - Calcutta Oro Marble, hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers and a mirror, very similar to my beloved French gold gilt mirror, with it’s darling little cherubs (found at Karina Gentinetta Disegno at 1st Dibs).  I would love to re-do my master bath like this if I could just talk my hubby down from the ledge!  You would think that after 28 years of wedded bliss - he would figure out this WILL probably happen!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a beautiful site and was lovely to discover your gorgeous jewelery via Karena.
The fresh water pearls are so lovely.

Happy week

Karen Sugarman Designs said...

Hi Carolyn-

Thank you so much for stopping by. I just checked out your bears and they are fabulous! They have such sweet faces and really do look like the old mohair bears I remember from my childhood.