Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Excessive Heat Warnings Today - I’m Swooning!

I know, I know - It’s hot where ever you are!  You’re right - tank tops and Daisy Dukes should never be worn by anyone over 15 - but at least they’re cool!  For those of you that have suffered intolerable heat this summer (and who has not) - just remember, 110 - 115 degrees is NOT uncommon for Arizona!
In the midst of all this excessive heat, I got a phone call last week from Maryanne at Beadboard UpCountry that she was sending me a batch of images from her upcoming knits trunk show.  Maryanne knows I am a big fan of the line and wanted to get my opinion.   When the images arrived, I swooned - not from the heat, but from the gorgeous designs and colors.  We decided that it would be nice to coordinate some of my jewelry designs with these chic ruanas, capes and scarves.  I spent several hours Saturday pairing up the images and having the absolute best time doing so. This wonderful line of couture knits is simply perfect for our temperate winter climate in Arizona.

If you are now swooning from fashion fever, click here to go to Beadboard UpCountry.  Now is the time to place your orders for some of these gorgeous knits.  When you’re all snuggled up and looking like you just stepped out of Vogue this fall - you’ll be so glad you did!

P.S. - If your favorite jewelry designs have already sold - send me an email (  Although the jewelry is one-of-a-kind and limited editions - sometimes, I can reproduce the designs.


Beadboard UpCountry said...

HI Karen!
I know I'm a little llate to the party but I want to tell you how amazing I think the pairings were... Esp those earrings hung on the urn that are shaped like the handle...... The one with the brown ruana is stunning and love the pink with the black and pink stole.This was a fun collaboration!Maryanne xo