Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Modest Nudist

My dream closet belongs to Miriah Carey

Most designers (hopefully) have an epiphany early in their careers when dealing with a client that has no idea (or simply cannot communicate) what color scheme they would like for a project.  A smart designer will quickly realize that all clients want their room designs to become the perfect backdrop for their sense of style, but very importantly, complimentary to their own coloring.  If I’ve said it once, I‘ve said it a thousand times. . .”go look in your clients’s closet to get a better understanding of what colors will appeal to them.”  Design clients (almost without exception) tend to like the colors that look best on their complexions.

If that theory is true (and after 25+ years - it has never failed me!), I wonder what I would have done if a nudist had been a client!  Obviously, a few rules would have to be put into place before that scenario played out - starting with Rule #1:  Clothing must be worn to all meetings with the designer and assistant!  Seriously, I guess my theory would have been a perfect test this year with all the neutral/nude colors that are so abundant.

Neutrals have long been a favorite of the American public because , quite frankly, you really cannot screw-up an all-neutral color scheme if you are a DIY “Decorette”.  Moving to AZ was like moving to a sea of beige and brown - not exactly a design challenge for a seasoned designer!
Here is a little mental design exercise for all you closet nudists!

via Apartment Therapy

via Martha Stewart

via A Gift Wrapped Life

via Southern Accents
The new neutrals are a bit more to my liking since they have less to do with the Mediterranean neutral undertones of gold and green (I live in a world where the popularity of “Tuscan” has turned the Arizona design community into “theme park facilitators”).  The new neutrals/nudes focus  more toward a pink/peach undertone which is a more friendly color for all skin tones.  This new and subtle shift in the neutrals palette has taken a cue directly from this spring’s fashion trend - and I, for one, am thrilled.      
Since the nexus of this blog was to show you exquisite jewelry designs inspired by breathtaking room decor - I find myself twirling in a vicious circle.  Did the current fashion trend inspire the interior design industry or the jewelry first?  

Oh well, I suppose all three design categories can live together side by side - happily influencing one another.  Clearly, the strength of the neutral/nudes trend has already influenced both the jewelry market as well as the interior design market.  Suffice to say that the fashion industry will probably scamper off on a new course by next spring while the interior design industry will quietly morph this years trend into a more durable entity.


Karena said...

Karen, these are fabulous jewels and the design images are amazing as well!

Art by Karena

La Maison Fou said...

I have been following you via Joni.
The mermaid necklace is breathtaking, and very unique!
I will have to look thru some of your older posts, your designs are really fab and the way the wire is twisted gives the feel of ivy or a more organic, less static sense to the overall design.
I really like your jewels!