Thursday, August 6, 2009

Designing Jewelry in Chaos – What Lies Beneath

Okay. . .we are really hip deep in it now! It’s official. . .it’s too late to turn back! The kitchen demo has not only begun, but it is now a work in progress. This is clearly not the glamorous side of interior design! When hubby agreed to let me give the kitchen a facelift – I’m not certain he realized it would be deja vous.

Just before we moved from Boston to Arizona we underwent a massive renovation that went on for what seemed like forever. As a matter of fact, the paint was barely dry when we were transferred. We endured six months of dust, confusion and make-do meals and I don’t think it is my husband’s finest hour (or mine for that matter). Renovating a kitchen is probably the most disruptive remodel a family can make.

Furniture shrouded in plastic

The island will be the last item to be removed

We let the dust settle from the kitchen demo and went off to Boston to see our newest grandson last week – knowing what was waiting for us when we returned! On Monday, the carpenter just had some drywall delivered and it allowed us to get back into our routines after the visit to Boston. Tuesday was a bit more demo & dust. Yesterday was a busy day with the roofer showing up to remove the clay roof tiles in order to cut the hole for the range hood. In addition to the confusion of the hole being cut in the roof, the electrician showed up to continue running more electrical wires for the glass upper cabinets we are installing now that we have removed the soffit. Throughout all of this, I am feverishly trying to work on a fundraising event scheduled for this November. I think it was a bit too much.

Cooktop, soffits and three upper cabinets removed

OOPS! The Vent hole is in a roof valley - DO OVER!

Last night, I must have needed some bead therapy! I decided to pull off the plastic that is shrouding my jewelry supplies and dig around for inspiration. You would be amazed to see just how many gemstones are condensed into such a small area. Eureka! I finally found the luscious Pink Amethyst faceted beads I was looking for and the rest of the evening was all mine for “creative therapy.”

I was trying out some new ear wires I had commissioned. I must say that between the new design of the ear wires and the fact that they are Argentium (anti-tarnish) – I am a very happy gal. I have had these beautiful Pink Amethyst beads for several months and finally felt like the time was right to make up a new design. I love the look of the gently saucer shaped petal pearls with the sweet little violet-pink colored centers. They remind me of delicate flowers perched on top of a yummy candy.

Hopefully, by my next posting, the kitchen will be a bit further along and looking like it is making some progress toward being an actual functioning kitchen!


Cote de Texas said...

Can't wait to see the progress!

Karena said...

Hi Karen, our friend Joni sent me over, and I am in awe! I just started wearing earrings again
a couple of years ago, so don't have lots, yours are amazing though! The amethyst ones you just posted are are a favorite!! It is interesting, my art if often inspired by interiors and fabric design

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Oh.... I feel for you and your kitchen reno. When we did ours I was doing dishes in the bathroom for months! Ugh... You are a brave woman tackling this kitchen after practically just finishing another. It's a good thing you are talented! Love your jewelry designs! Found you throuh Joni.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Joni sent me over and I'm so glad she did! You have a lovely blog...I enjoyed reading your Sister Parish/Bunny Williams post. (I actually named one of my dogs, Apple, in honour of Mrs. Parish's daughter!)

Your jewelry is quite special. It is rare that I see jewelry these days that makes me stop and stare, but yours does! Exquisitely beautiful!

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Dear Karen~ What a delight to "find" you thru "our darling Joni", and to see your exquisite taste and style~~~ I fell in love with all I saw!

It was ESPECIALLY beautiful to see that you gifted J w/ such a stunning necklace, "just because"~~~~ Those are ALWAYS the most WONDERFUL gifts of all, and it just warmed my heart so very much!!!

I look forward to reading more of your most delightful blog, and possibly becoming a "customer" (and "sooner rather than later!"). What a super treat THAT will be! (And, HOOWWWW many months to go til Christmas????)~~~

Linda in AZ *

nicolette said...

Do keep us updated of your progress! Very excited to see what will come out in the end.