Monday, June 22, 2009

The Flora Collection – How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m not certain about the rest of the design community, but I always have a list of potential designs just waiting to be tried out. As a matter of fact, an entire folder in the computer is full of inspirations, sketches and ideas just waiting to materialize. Design ideas are gleaned from a variety of sources – fabric, paint colors, art work or even something as “pedestrian” as a favorite pair of shoes!

I recently decided that I should try out a new design idea for summer that is a “twist” on an older collection. Eureka! The Flora Collection was born. The first design of the collection was created as a prototype for a California bride with a “Woodlands” theme for her wedding. Since we were incorporating pearls in woodrose, grays and ice blue I was inspired by the pussywillows we used to pick as a harbinger of spring in the woods in Massachusetts.

Since Mother Nature is really the best designer – it was easy to be inspired by all the stunning variations of her handiwork. Hubby and I spent so many summers on Nantucket, where hydrangeas are profuse, that their gorgeous spectrum of colors became the next point of inspiration for this new collection. This stunning rainbow of colors - pale greens, blues, pinks and violets was wonderfully simple to replicate into this new design.

The third necklace of this new collection was inspired by the sea and has been aptly named “Les Fleurs de la Mer” (Flower of the Sea). A gorgeous collection of freshwater pearls, seed pearls and petal pearls are mixed with a sprinkling of dainty little aquamarine beads, culminating with a most spectacular moss aquamarine pendant.

My little folder of inspirations is still just bulging with new ideas for this Flora collection. Hopefully, I can make up enough floral inspired designs to create a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!


Cote de Texas said...

omg - that last one is gorgeous. would you mind telling me the price?

nicolette said...

As far as I know, every designer has some kind of "source" they draw upon for inspiration. Mine is Zen, which often draws upon flowers, and use simple floral set up to magnify the beauty of space. Flowers, if used well, is the perfect tool to live up a design.