Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forget Me Not Necklace (Flora Collection) – Chalcedony, Pearls and Blue Lace Agate

Forget Me Not flowers have been a favorite of mine for many years. These delicate little flowers grow wild in some locales and they were a favorite of Victorians - probably as much for their sweet color and form, as for their adorable and nostalgic name.

They appear in my collection of antique Elfinware as well as a smaller collection of antique postcards that were sadly misplaced at some point during my move across country.

There is just something about the slightly lavender-blue hue that keeps me entranced. It is a complicated color – too much red and it becomes lavender – too much blue and it becomes. . .well, blue! I have always had a theory that this particular shade of blue is very becoming to most people. It makes us look cool on the most brutal summer day and tan on even the most pallid complexion!

Diamond Baratta

via Cococozy

It is a very significant color for me as it was this lavender-blue hue that I chose for my first ever showhouse years ago. I think it is a favorite of many interior designers for its freshness and universal appeal.

The sweet little Forget Me Not flower was clearly an apt moniker for my most recent necklace design made for the Flora Collection. Beautiful shades of lavender-blue chalcedony and blue lace agate were juxtaposed with an abundance of creamy freshwater pearls in assorted shapes from simple rounds to egg shapes and petal pearls, and were combined to create a profusion of delicate flower-like elements. With a name like this – how could you forget this sweet bijoux frippery!

Don't Forget the Mopther's Day Necklace Giveaway
in the April 20th Posting!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mother’s Day Necklace Giveaway – Octo-Mom Here’s Your Chance!

I just bet that everyone thinks while I am making up jewelry designs I am listening to something elegant like classical music (on occasion) or at the least, watching something of importance - like the news. I am chagrined to admit that is not necessarily the case.

Most often the TV is tuned in to absurd programs like repeats of The Housewives of ________ (you fill in the city) or Millionaire Matchmaker. Today was an exception – I happened to turn on Oprah who was interviewing none other than, Octo-Mom Nadia. As I worked on a new necklace design, I became transfixed with her reality check of Motherhood. In the end, I came away feeling a bit sorry not only for her children, but for herself. I’m sure in the midst of her emotional decision to have all these children; she was, shall we say - rather clueless, as to the day-to-day demands of being a single parent of 14.

Thankfully, I did not own that problem! I was raised as an only child and had a beautiful mother as well as a fabulous step-mother. My mother imparted a sense of style to me from a very young age and I was also very blessed to have such a warm and caring step-mom after her death. I was brought up in an environment that fostered my creative side while simultaneously teaching me to think independently. I can still hear my step-mother’s words – “Just because everyone else is doing it (you choose the folly), does not mean you have to follow along! Great life-lessons!

Last year I wrote about my niece and her long awaited new baby that inspired a Mother’s Day/New Mommy Necklace design in this post. This year I decided I should do a little give-away to all my wonderful readers.

Leave me a comment about some poignant memory or bit of wisdom from your mother and you will be automatically entered to win a custom designed Mother’s Day necklace like the ones in the photo. You get to choose the metal (sterling silver or 24K gold vermeil) and the birthstones that suit your family. This thoughtful necklace can either be a gift for yourself or a gift for your own wonderful mother or mother-in-law.

The drawing will be on Monday, May 3rd. Nadia – are you out there?!

Friday, April 2, 2010

“A Delectable Confection”

The first time I heard these words was from my DH not long after we were married. It was to me (and still is), the cutest term of endearment I had ever heard. My hubby has an adorable sense of humor and this little phrase has been passed back and forth for many years.

Literally, Laduree has the “Delectable Confection” issue all sewn up with their mind-boggling pastel macaroons and their much envied pastel packaging. I think people are almost as much in love with the Easter-colored packages as the delicious contents!

I came across a wonderful blog this week with the most inspiring crafting techniques for the Easter/Spring holidays called Such Pretty Things. Jessica writes a very fun posting called Target Tuesdays where she really could put Martha’s crafting skills on notice. Above are some of her gorgeous Easter/Spring images all displaying not only beautiful craft ideas, but a gelato profusion of pastel colors.

Karen Sugarman Interiors
Junior League of Boston Showhouse - Breakfast Room - Westwood, MA
Better Homes and Gardens  Window and Wall Ideas
Mary Drysdale
Karen Sugarman Interiors
Drawing Room
Commandant's House - Charlestown Navy Yard
Jeffrey Bilhuber via Cote de Texas
Karen Sugarman Interiors
Princess and The Pea Bedroom
Junior League of Boston Showhouse - Dedham, MA

Pastel colors have long been a favorite of mine when designing interiors. There is a serene and comforting quality to the whisper of the diffused colors. Dramatic and dark rooms are always sophisticated, but much like a “diva friend”, they can be exhausting and numbing after too much drama.

Marie's Folly Bracelet - Pastel Tourmaline, Aquamarine and Beryl

With all these beautiful Easter/Spring colors in my head, I just completed a new bracelet design called Marie’s Folly. It is a magnificent combination of pastel tourmaline briolettes flanked by gorgeously organic aquamarine/beryl pastel slices. Pastel tourmaline is actually in short supply as it is found in Afghanistan in remote and very dangerous regions.

Knowing that Marie Antoinette had a great fondness for all things pastel, I feel certain that she would have approved of this “delectable confection”.